Precision Engineering Solutions

Whilst ceramic materials have been long established in many engineering fields, they
offer new and exciting possibilities in many others areas of precision engineering.

Their properties include

  • Resistance to chemical attack
  • Resistance to wear
  • Thermal insulation
  • Electrical insulation
  • Stability

This makes them the only choice for certain applications and a highly desirable alternative
for others.

We have produced ceramic components for many years that need all, or any of the above
properties which fall into both categories of new and established fields.

Our specialist skills centre on our ability to machine to a tolerances of just 1 micron. This is
particularly relevant to components used in scientific instruments, such as gas analysers
or mass spectrometers.

We produce quadrupole alignment discs from high alumina with guaranteed diamond
ground locations, accurate to within one micron (0,001mm) with reference to both their
size and position. Quadrupole alignment discs are used in Gas chromatography
equipment such as the quadrupole mass spectrometer.

Our well established connections with manufacturers of raw materials means we can
supply to the tightest deadlines, no matter what the quantity, large or small.

We supply components in:

  • High alumina
  • MACOR (Machinable Glass Ceramic)
  • Zirconia

Components in other ceramic materials can, of course, also be supplied. Contact us for more information on precision ceramic components