Core Packs

MTD are specialists in producing core packs and laminations, which include motor laminations, generator laminations, stator laminations, rotor laminations, pole laminations, segmented stator laminations and field and armature laminations.

We manufacture laminations from various materials silicon steel (from various grades and coatings), nickel alloys, cobalt alloys and can heat treat these laminations to the required specifications. We can build lamination stacks and interlock, rivet, bond or weld these stacks as required. We have in house press tool design and manufacturing facilities supported by our press shop to produce press tooling and laminations in production quantities.

We also produce prototype laminations by WEDM, photo etching or laser cutting, and offer a build service for these laminations to produce riveted, bonded or welded stacks.

You can take a virtual tour of our core pack assemblies here, contact us on 0121 520 1171 or fill in our online contact form for more information.

Core Packs White rounded corner

Core Packs White rounded corner