Precision Engineering Solutions

MTD specialise in the manufacture and bonding of core packs for a broad range of applications and Industries.

We can manufacture for you a single wire cut core pack to allow prototype/pre-production evaluation, then we can design and manufacture your stamping tool for volume.


We can provide corepacks using laminations from 0.1mm to 1mm in thickness ranging from various materials including Silicon Iron and Cobalt Irons.

We can offer several methods of assembly including:-

  • Roller-coating (controlled glue application to 0.004mm. Single or both sides)
  • Spraying (Glue application).
  • Pre adhesive coated steel (Baclac).
  • Manual glue application (capillary).
  • Welded (including lazer / TIG / MIG)
  • Riveted
  • Cleated
  • In Die Assembly (Interlocked)