Precision Engineering Solutions

MTD are specialists in producing motor, generator, stator/rotor, pole, segmented stator and field/armature laminations.

Our production capabilities include WEDM, photo etching, stamping , including blank & notch, laser cutting or a combination of these methods. We build lamination stacks, interlock, rivet, bond or weld. We have our own in-house press tool design and manufacturing facilities supported by our press shop, producing press tooling and laminations in production quantities.

Our Press Shop includes high speed progression presses, blanking presses and a range    of notching presses which gives us a high level of flexibility.

With our manufacturing capability we are able to supply your electrical lamination requirements from a single prototype through to full production volume, even if that is numbered in the hundreds, thousands or millions.

We manufacture laminations from various materials : silicon steel (from various grades and coatings), nickel alloys, cobalt alloys and can heat treat these laminations to the required specifications. We punch laminations in various steel thicknesses, from 0.1mm up to 1.0mm thick.