Shaping the future

Meet the Team

Meet a few of the MTD Team.

We are a friendly lot and are always ready to talk to you about any project or product.

Darren Booton (Managing Director)

Darren joined us in 2005, coming in as MD after leaving Precision Micro, where he was the General Manager of their tooling operation. He’s come a long way since starting as an apprentice tool-maker, at Berck Ltd, in 1981.


Kevin Vickers (Project Manager)

Kevin's career took an unusual turn when he became our project manager in 1991 – he had been working with presses of up to 500 tons for 18 years since leaving school. This role gave him valuable experience of assemblies and processes which he is putting to great use on our shop-floor.


Nick Brittle (Sales Manager)

Nick is a young pup by comparison with most of our board members, having only started his career in 1988! He joined Cannon Industries as an apprentice toolmaker, before leaving to become a toolmaker and grinder at Sankey. Having risen to the position of works manager at Sankey, he joined MTDLTD in 2006.


Lesley Barrows (Director)

Lesley is our other young pup, starting straight from college in 1988, and has fulfilled a number of roles, in our reception, office administration, and accounts, and was personal assistant to our former MD Barry Hickman. As a fluent French and German speaker, Lesley performs an important role by helping to build a rapport with our overseas clients.


Chris Moore (Operations Director)

Chris is our longest-serving member of staff, having joined the company in 1977 – earning a massive £1.79 an hour as our quotations engineer! He has also worked as a jig borer (for Sankey) and as our production manager.


Kevin Rilett (Operations Manager)

Kevin joined us in 2000 as a programme operator on a CNC machine, as he had been a CNC operator at other companies, including GKN Fastener Tools and Danly UK. He served his apprenticeship at British Macro in Grantham, before leaving in 1975 to join GKN.