Precision Tooling

The Modulam Tooling System

Modulam can reduce your tooling cost by up to 50%Modulam Tooling Systems

Advantages of Modulam.

  • Lower tooling costs
  • Faster turnaround
  • Accuracy
  • Elimination of the need to re-qualify for production

What is Modulam?

Modulam is a unique tooling platform which can be used on either our Bruderer 50 tonne, 60 tonne or Bliss 200 tonne presses, with bespoke tooling elements designed and manufactured in-house. These elements can be made from steel or carbide, depending on your requirements.

By lowering your costs Modulam ensure less time is spent in manufacturing, this cuts lead times.

The accuracy of the system eliminates the need to re-qualify parts at the production stage – all prototypes produced are to your specification.

Find out how a Modulam tooling system can reduce your tooling costs. Call today or contact us via our online enquiry form here.