Midland Tool and Design is one of the UK’s primary manufacturers of quadrupole ceramic components.

They are made of high alumina ceramics and machinable ceramics – never metals or alternative materials – because they are highly stable, resistant to wear and chemicals, and insulated thermally and electrically. Other materials do not have the same properties.

They are used in medical and scientific instrumentation, and because of this they need to be extremely accurate – they must be ground to within 0.001 of a millimetre, by size and position.

We specialize in requirements of any size. Typically orders are for between 100 and 200 units, but there is no minimum or maximum – we could even produce just one pair if necessary.

Very few companies have the capability to produce something so small and accurate. That’s why companies all over the world have to come to us for their quadrupoles.

For more information about quadrupoles, contact us on 0121 520 1171 or fill in our online contact form here.