Sundries - Tooling Repairs and Spares


Tooling Spares, Tooling Refurbishment and Replacement tooling

Tooling Refurbishment

We undertake the repair and refurbishment of existing tooling either of our own or other companies manufacture, and work closely with our customers to ensure continuity of your production.

Replacement Tooling Parts

The experience gained through the manufacture of precision parts for our own tooling can be utilized to produce replacement tooling parts that are not originally of our manufacture. If you need a replacement part for an existing die or a precision part for any other application then please contact us with your requirements.

Tooling Spares

All Tool and Die components manufactured by Midland Tool & Design (MTD) - or Linton & Hirst if before 2000 - have part numbers/Drawing numbers to identify them.

Use this handy table to identify the tooling component or assembly you need. Fill out our Contact us form here quoting the Job No and we will email you a PDF of the general assembly to identify your tooling part.

We hold full engineering drawings for all of these tooling components. Most are held in stock for immediate dispatch worldwide.

If it's not a stock item we will manufacture the tool for you to the original specification and tolerance. Please Contact us  for prices and delivery.

If you have tooling that you believe was manufactured by MTD or Linton & Hirst but cannot find it listed.  We will do our best to identify it for you.

Job No Description Drawing number Material Thickness Width Lead Press