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Here are a couple of testimonials written by two of our satisfied customers, one we have supplied for over 30 years.

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Cummins Generator Technologies.

Press tool Design Services for over 30 years

Cummins Generator Technologies, design and manufacture the world's broadest range of ac generators from 0.6 to 20,000 kVA under the MARKON®, STAMFORD® and AvK® product brands.

These are supplied to meet the needs of industrial, marine/offshore, commercial, construction, cranes, rental, combined heat and power, parallel operation, peak shaving, telecommunications, mining and other standby or continuous power applications.Cummins Generator Technologies

Some of the famous landmarks powered by Cummins Generator Technologies products include Buckingham Palace, the Statue of Liberty, London Eye and many global sporting events such as the Olympics, Formula One Racing, the World Cup and Glastonbury Festival.

Midland Tool and Design has been providing press tools and tool spares used in the manufacture of generators to Cummins for over 30 years.

These tools are designed and manufactured to Cummins’ specifications from carbide and specialist tool steels. The tools are run on presses to make laminations, thin precision sheet steel stampings, which are a key component of a generator.

Cummins have collaborated with Midland Tool and Design on a number of projects over the last few years.

During our time working with them, Midland Tool and Design has developed a reputation for providing tools that are highly reliable and durable.

More importantly, they offer a good response to our needs and excellent after-sales service. Being centrally based in the UK, they are able to supply parts to us with short lead times and always do their best to turn projects around as quickly as possible to meet our requirements.

I would have no hesitation recommending Midland Tool and Design to any company looking for precision metal or carbide stamping dies.

Yours sincerely,

GEORGE SPRADBROW (Group Leader Tooling)

Hellermann Tyton

MTD Machine Tool Suppliers, "I can't recommend them highly enough".Hellermann Tyton 1

We have been working with Midland Tool and Design since 2001, having originally heard reports of their success delivering precision engineering services for another company.

Our requirement was different to the one they had worked on in that instance. It was much bigger. We needed a fast turn-around prototype which performed to our specifications straight away – we didn’t want to waste time making changes to it.Hellermann Tyton 2

We also needed a tooling supplier who was happy to work with other vendors, who were producing other parts for us.

Midland Tool and Design guided us on which material would best suit our needs, liaised with material finishers, and delivered a spectacularly accurate prototype at the first time of asking.

The criticality of their product to the longevity of our business cannot be under-estimated.Hellermann Tyton 3

Since then we have reformed it into a 3D profile, which we could only do if we had complete confidence in the accuracy of the prototype. Tens of millions of products have been manufactured using basically the same machining tools they supplied.

I can't recommend them highly enough and they are in line for any and every project we have of a similar nature.

Yours sincerely,

JASON JAMES (Technical Director)